Eclipses and Phases of the Moon (2016)

Free Admission Edition

Our goal is to make our content accessible to every dome, regardless of budget. We're offering a free admission edition of Eclipses and Phases of the Moon. The rules are simple: "free admission" means nobody has to pay to get from outside your building to inside your dome. The maximum resolution for the free admission edition is 2k. We offer flexible and affordable licensing for the regular version of the show. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

You can download the video file from the Vimeo page: Visit and look for the "Download" button; select the resolution you want and enjoy!

Our Free Admission Edition program is an experiment and we'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions as we work to improve the program. Our intent is to show our content to more people in more places. Our hope is to garner some monetary support for our efforts through Patreon. If we start making enough regular money through donations, we'll quit our day jobs and start making new content full-time!

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Next Generation Science Standards

Eclipses and Phases of the Moon supports the following NGSS topics: